Venice, Italy – September, 2016

Hey readers!

This is the last part of our Italy trip so if you haven’t read them… why not?! I’m kidding… but you know, if you have the time, it would make my day!

Anyway, as we were staying in Milan we had to buy a pair of return train tickets to Venice. A money-saving tip from my brother is to buy your tickets in advance at as you can save over €40 each, compared to buying it on the day at the Centrale train station.


Though, be careful as I booked the train ticket to “Venezia” which happened to be Venezia Mestre – a train away from actual Venice (Venezia St. Lucia station). This means you will have to buy another return ticket in one of the machines. Though dont worry, they aren’t expensive at all.

We decided to book our tickets for the 7:35am train which, surprisingly, we managed. Getting up at 5:45am after a long day at Lake Como the day before took a heavy toll on us. Let’s just say we slept through most of the journey.

As soon as we arrived, we were met with the iconic view of the canals that I thought I would only ever see in films and postcards. Though it was slightly overcast, it was still an incredible oppurtunity to finally see the silhouettes of the recognisable (and incredibly overpriced) gondolas.

There’s a few ways you could get around the city. If you are fortunate enough to be fairly flexible with money, then jump on a gondola and see the city within the canals whilst a hunk Italian man and his oar gloriously stands at the end of the boat guiding you through Venice. There are also Water Taxis available as a means of transport to navigate yourself quicker towards your destination.

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We chose to take the budget-friendly option – walking. It’s simply the best way to see the city.

With the help of google maps and the occasional signs stating “San Marco —>“, we made it to St Mark’s Square.

It was astonishing however the abundance of tourists spoiled the fun for me. Even though it was to be expected, I wasn’t too keen on it and so we searched for even just a little bit of peace. 

We ended up buying a two-way boat ticket to Murano Island (ask someone in a ticket booth on how to get to the ‘Glass Museum’).

It’s a big statement, but in my opinion, I prefer this beautiful island much more than the mainland. Perhaps it was just because we went at an extremely busy period of the day and also of the year.

We had some lunch, took some pictures and ended our day by going back to the mainland and heading home from Venezia St. Lucia back to Milano Centrale. We had the oppurtunity to witness the beautiful sunset over the canals.

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If you have the time and budget, visit more Islands and see Venice from different point of views other than just the typical St. Marks Square tourist spot.

Venice is a city that I feel is on everyone’s bucketlist, but throughout the whole of my trip in Italy, I would still say that Lake Como blew me away.

Also I apologise for being inactive for a couple of weeks as i’ve been busy settling into my University! I have an outfit post in line which should hopefully be up next week.


RP x

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