An overview of 2016…

Hi readers (if any of you are still there),

Yes, it’s been a couple of months and I have 0 excuses.

Actually, I have one major excuse… University.

But before we get to that, I’d like to give you an overview of 2016 and see things from a positive-ish perspective.

On a general note, this year hasn’t been the greatest for the world however I’m gonna be a little self-centered for a moment and focus on the best moments of 2016 that have happened to me…

In January, my friends and I had the chance to ‘glam up’ and put on our formal attire as my friend hosts a masquerade party..

2016 is the year we finally finished our A-level exams, followed by the longest, and certainly one of the best, summer holiday…

These are the highlights of my Summer 2016:

  1. BSTK Festival

Although Brownstock is synonymous to drug-related issues, it didn’t affect our overall experience. No welly boots had to be used and the whole weekend was comprised of endless singing, dancing and eating pot noodles everyday, 3x a day. Though the lack of showers and clean toilets did take a toll on us, but what’s a festival without those nasty elements right?

If you want to read a more detailed report on BSTK click here: 10 months on… BSTK Festival 2016

2. My 18th Birthday

Being 18 was always something I anticipated… they say you become more free, do whatever you like and make more mature decisions (no one’s personally said that to me, but i’m sure i’ve heard it from a chick flick movie before).

I guess it’s true to an extent…

One of the biggest changes was being able to legally enter clubs (most likely, Atik) and paying excess amount of money for a couple of jagerbombs that could’ve been spent on a whole bottle of alcohol to bring to a house party… too often, those nights are anticlimactic. Nonetheless, 16% of Atik nights have been some of the most memorable (i’m trying to be positive here).

3. Travelling

Travelling was definitely in the top 3 of the best things that’s happened in 2016. Seeing new places and capturing new memories. I could go on and on, but you can read my travel posts here:

Amsterdam – August, 2016 (Part 1)

Amsterdam – August, 2016 (Part 2)

Milan, Italy – September 2016

My love for Lago di Como – September, 2016

Venice, Italy – September, 2016

And lastly, university

First semester of the first year done. 12 weeks swiftly passed by just like the rest of 2016.

The anxiety of meeting my flatmates and making new friends quickly went away.

Fresher’s week was incredibly fun with a myriad of memories created from it. From hosting pre-drinks every night to finally getting a taste of the LCR.


I’d just like to put a spotlight on the 3 of the loveliest people I have ever met. To that one pre-drink at the flat next to ours that we all happened to be invited to… not to sound too cheesy, but it’s pretty cool how one little thing like that can lead to a big thing… such as creating life-long friends (hopefully) and becoming future housemates.

Taking pictures with Pikachu and the snowman, singing badly to old hits, chundering in one of the cubicles, falling over on the way to the LCR, drinking regular tea for the first time, movie nights, articulate nights and many other memories.

Too many alcoholic drinks were consumed and too many awful hangovers were experienced. A lot of UEA students despise the LCR, but we feel the opposite. I suppose as long as you’re with great people whose main focus is on having the best night and eating the worst possible junk food that they can get hold of after; then nothing can go awfully wrong.

I’m not going to get into the stress of exams and assignment deadlines because that’s to be expected as part of the student life… plus my aim is to be as positive as possible.

And that’s it!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Although it’s always a nice, positive thing to “start fresh” each January 1st, a good friend of mine said…

“you think a calendar is going to change your outlook, no, nothing, nobody, is going to change your outlook, your habit, your results in life, but you… sit down, do the work, keep quiet about it, and then 10, 15, 20 years from now we will see.”

There were a lot more swearwords and taboo language used but I’ll end this post with that more polished quote…

This was definitely a more personal blog post of my life and something a little different from the usual outfit-of-the-days.

Thank you for sticking by, and see you all soon.


RP x

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