Back to the 80s

Hi again,

Remember me?

The girl who neglected her blog for 3 months and has the audacity to still expect people to be reading her posts…

Anyway, I’m back to share some pictures of our costume for a Halloween party we attended a couple of weeks ago (I’m not entirely certain why it’s taken me this long to post but here it is).

My goal was to be as resourceful as possible by raiding mine and my housemates’ closets for an outfit that would attempt to revive 80s fashion…

Whether we were successful or not, that’s entirely up to you.

Although, I do admit that you would probably see me wear this on an average day anyway.

I also stumbled across an app that mimics the effect of a disposable camera, only this option is more convenient and free, and thought that this suited the aesthetic we were aiming for.

These are the results..






My outfit:

  • Top: Thrifted (from Sepi)
  • Red trousers: Zara
  • Shoes: Adidas

That’s all I have for now, perhaps I’ll hibernate for another 3 months whilst I pretend to focus on my impending deadlines…


RP x


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